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We Train You How To Open  a Dental Handpiece Sales and Repair Center



Highspeed Dental Handpiece Repair Training

  Seminar Day 2 





New York New York Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada





Watch a Couple Videos of Our Previous Las Vegas & Orlando Seminars




Join us to learn the skills needed to open a dental sales & repair center which is a profitable, stable and simple business concept.  Or, use this training to add to your income with a business that can easily be run part time from home.  This business has low start up costs, has high demand, is recession proof and has immediate cash flow.  Reserve your spot now, before all spaces are full.


This is a Highspeed Dental Handpiece Repair seminar that will teach how to repair highspeed dental handpieces along with the procedures to complete the task comfortably at your own location.  This Highspeed Dental Handpiece Repair Seminar will take you from understanding the parts and tooling needed for highspeed dental handpiece repair to understanding how to repair the highspeed dental handpieces that are used worldwide.  Support and reference materials are included with the seminar. 


Highspeed dental handpiece repairs are the most common repair in a dental handpiece repair center with an average profit of about $150 per unit.  You could pick up about 15 units per day.  Learn this profitable skill from the best.


  • Low Start Up Costs
  • High Demand
  • Full or Part Time
  • Profitable
  • Can be a Homebased business
  • Turnkey available
  • Worldwide demand, can reopen business anywhere
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Stable Industry
  • Large growth potential in various dental product sales


Join us to learn how to open your own business...


How To:

  • Open your Dental Sales & Repair Center
  • Repair Highspeed Dental Handpieces


Highspeed Dental Handpiece Repair Seminar Includes:

  • Manuals and DVD sets
  • Certification in Highspeed Dental Handpiece Repair
  • 6 Months of Free E-mail support
  • A Simple Checksheet of Things To Do Before Opening



You can come for all 3 days or select the days that fit your needs.

  1. Day 1 -- Dental Sales & Marketing Seminar
  2. Day 2 -- Highspeed Dental Handpiece Repair Seminar
  3. Day 3 -- Low Speed Dental Handpiece Repair Seminar
  4. Day 4 -- Extra Handpiece Repair Practice Lab


Seminars Can Include 1 Hotel Room--would be the night before the seminar: 



Highspeed Repair Seminar

  • Dental Bearings & Spindles
  • Tools and Parts Identification
  • Opening/Cleaning Procedures
  • Repair Procedures
  • Actuator height adjustment


Afternoon Session

Highspeed Repair Seminar

  • Handpiece Repair Practice Lab
  • Certificate Presentation





Highspeed Dental Handpiece Repair Training

  •     Factory Trained Instructor
  •     Repair training applicable for drills including American, European and Asian brands
  •     Written and digital highspeed repair instructions with pictures
  •     Parts and tools inventory available for purchase
  •     Shop parts list
  •     Shop tools and equipment list
  •     Full Set of Diagrams and Pictures for repairs
  •     Training manuals and CD sets
  •     A package full of assorted general background information about the dental repair business.
  •     Free Email Support Included for Two years




Repair Center Set-up Training

  •     We show you how to organize your repair center
  •     We train you how to open your own Dental Sales & Repair Center
  •     A Check sheet of "Things To Do Before Opening"
  •     Pictures and Instructions
  •     Suggested Shop tools and equipment list provided




Technical Support

  •     Factory Trained Instructor
  •     6 Months of Free E-mail support
  •     Vendor contact information updates





      We will teach you everything you need to start this business, as well as our knowledge, experience, and contacts.  We are available to further discuss any questions you may have concerning this opportunity.  This business has high demand and low start up costs.  However, it takes hard work and commitment to grow your own business, but with our help and support, we believe we can make that a somewhat easier accomplishment.


     Thank you.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you to open your dental handpiece sales & repair business.


Warm regards,
Paul Laird
Orion Dental Sales, Training & Repair
Telephone: 888.674.6657




To Register:  Call or Email

Telephone: 888.674.6657 or 360.415.2307

Email:        admin@orionrepair.com










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