Training Info


     Thank you for your interest in our dental sales and repair training courses.  I will be happy to provide a brief introduction by telephone, lasts 3-4 minutes, on our training courses to open a dental sales and repair center.  In addition, I would be happy to answer any questions or discuss anything further.  Also, please email, chat through our website or call if you would like more information or if you would like a specific question answered. We look forward to helping you, if we can, to open your own dental handpiece sales and repair center.  A good place to start reading information about our training courses is our Frequently Asked Questions section.   Please, send your email address if you would like an introductory email which includes a video, some print materials and related information.
     Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to helping you, if we can, to open your dental sales and Repair Center.  Please, email or call Paul Laird at 888.674.6657 to request the Introductory Email, request the brief introduction by telephone or if I can answer any questions or provide more information.   


We have a clear sense of our business purpose ––to help individuals, teams and businesses progress and grow. 



Single Mission

To continue to be the largest supplier of independent handpiece training worldwide while providing our dental customers with consistent top quality sales, service and repairs.

Dual Focus

    1. We supply dental products to a wide range of customers including dentists, dental clinics, US military hospitals worldwide, hospital systems, dental service centers and others.
    2. The World's Largest Supplier of Dental Handpiece Sales & Repair Training.

Three Services

  • Sales...wide selection of dental products and supplies.
  • Training...premier source for dental handpiece sales and repair training.
  • Repair...all makes and models including small equipment.






We believe in great customer service, good planning, hard work and long term relationships.




Dental Sales, Service & Repair
  • Our Specialty is Dental Handpiece Sales, Training & Repair!
  • Sales & Repair of Small Equipment.
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable staff.
  • Quick Service with a Smile.
  • Professional repairs and service by factory trained technicians.
  • We will meet or beat any competitors prices!  Guaranteed!
  • Toll free support & online support available.
  • Extensive inventory.
  • Full warranty on all new handpieces, turbines, and repairs.
  • Nearly 20 years in business.
  • Free Samples available.
  • Sales of related products.
  • Free pick-up and delivery.

Training Courses to Open a Dental Handpiece Sales & Repair Center

    • Worldwide #1 Source for Certification in Handpiece Sales & Repair!
    • Comprehensive Training Courses in How to Open Your Own Dental Handpiece Sales & Repair Center.
    • Our Instructor has over 30 years of training experience.
    • Many copy us, but do not touch our years of training experience, nearly twenty years training dental companies worldwide.
    • We have trained people from the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Australia, India, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Lebanon, and Guyana among other locations.
    • Factory Trained Instructor.
    • We provide Certification in Dental Handpiece Sales & Repair.
    • Trainer for Individuals, Corporations, Dentists, and other training companies worldwide such as supply companies, hospital clinical technicians, the Handpiece Surgeon, Patterson National Sales Representatives, Hygienists, Dentists and regular people from all walks of life.
    • Often Imitated, but Never Duplicated.  Come to the Professor, not our students.








ORION Dental Sales, Training & Repair is able to provide better service and lower prices than our national competitors because we cater to dentists in our local regions.  And we offer the best value to open this business.  Compare us to the rest, then come back to us.



  • Recession Proof
  • Full or Part Time
  • Low Start Up Costs
  • Not Space Intensive
  • Immediate Cash Flow
  • High Demand, A Service Every Dentist Uses
  • Ahead of The Curve, Minimal Competition
  • Call Now For Information or Submit Request for FREE INFO
  • A Great Opportunity to Own Your Own Home Based Business Today


                              We Offer More...........FOR LESS!




ORION Dental Sales, Training & Repair offers several new business start up courses.  We provide Certification In Dental Handpiece Sales & Repair from a factory trained Technician/Instructor with many years of training experience.


  • All The Training/Information You Need to Open Your Own Business
  • Compare us to the Franchises, with us you own your business, and can move it in the future
  • No Obligation to Buy Higher Priced Parts
  • No Territories, Market Your Business Wherever You Decide, You Own It
  • Compare Us to the Franchisers
  • We Offer More...........FOR LESS!



ORION Dental Sales, training & Repair provides thorough training including:


    • Free Three years of Telephone/Retraining Support
    • Free Ten years of email support
    • New Business Start Up
    • One On One Training, Not a Group
    • Training in Highspeed Drills, Slowspeed Drills, Nosecones, and Ultrasonic Air Scaler Repair and Handpiece Sales
    • Marketing & Advertising Training
    • Accounting Training
    • Shop Set-up Support
    • Training Manuals and Computer Disks
    • Shop Tools/Equipment List or for convenience Shop Tools can be purchased with Training courses
    • Suggested Opening Parts Inventory List or for convenience Parts can be purchased with Training courses
    • Office Set-up Support
    • Low Overhead
    • High Profit Margin
    • Not Labor or Time Intensive
    • We offer More......For Less!