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Virtual Training Information

*Due to the pandemic, we are currently only offering training through a Virtual Zoom format.


Limited Time Only


Great Opportunity To Train From Home


Same Exact Training as our in Person Hands on Training Courses


For this training, we would look at a 30 day lead time, prior to training with it conducting in the following stages:


  1. Shipment of Included Repair Tools Inventory and Repair Parts Inventory to Your Location
    • Time Needed:  5-14 Days
  2. Set up of Repair Shop at Your Location
    • Time Needed:  21-30 days
    • Email You Pictures of My Office/Repair Shop with Instructions for Set Up 
    • Confirmation from You at Completion:  Office/Repair Desk Ready For Training
  3. Shipment of Training Materials Including Training Manuals, Training Handpieces & Training Parts to Your Location
    • Approximately 1 Week Prior to Training
  4. Virtual Training Course Via Zoom or Similar Application   
    • 6 Days with Gold, or
    • 9 Days with Platinum
  5. Return Shipping of Training Materials to Our Location
    • Within 3 Business Days of Training Completion


Due to the training format needs along with the advanced shipping of proprietary information, supplies, manuals, parts and repair inventories, etc., we would require full payment for the training 30 days prior to the training date.  With our normal in person training, we take a deposit, then the balance payment is due at training, however, with this virtual training format we ship out immediately your entire included Repair Tools Inventory and Repair Parts Inventory prior to training.  In addition, we also immediately send you set up instructions along with pictures on how to set up your office and shop along with various recommendations to help with start up.  And, then, you would set up your office and shop so that you would be ready for the hands on training course to take place at your location.
Since we are shipping your included Suggested Repair Tools and Repair Parts Inventories as well as providing proprietary information prior to training, we require full payment earlier with the virtual training.  After the deposit payment is received, we would send you a receipt showing the deposit payment received and the training dates reserved.  We would begin shipping the included repair parts and repair tools inventories to you once the final payment is received at 30 days prior to the training dates.  In addition, we would send you several emails with pictures and instructions on how to set up your office and shop.  Then, you would begin and complete your repair shop set up prior to training.


In addition to the payment for the course, towards the end of the preparation time prior to training, we would require a $3000 refundable security deposit for the repair training materials sent to you for training including the training handpieces, supplies and training parts.  We would ship those about 1 week before training and at that point we would collect the refundable security deposit.  We would ship the items individually labeled with inventory sheets and an included return shipping FedEx label.  Then, after training, when those items were shipped back to us within 3 business days of the training completion, we would return the $3000 security deposit upon receipt of the items.  




Don't Miss Your Chance to Open Your Own Business!


We have trained about 20% of all Dental Handpiece Repair Centers in the USA


Over 400 training customers worldwide on five continents with twenty years of training experience without any unhappy customers, zero.


We have trained more people to open this business than any other company offering this training, and some of those offering training were trained by us a few years ago.


You can earn a very good income in a home office, starting 1-3 weeks after training from local dentists, providing a high demand repair service, the largest repair need in the dental office, which is used by every dentist worldwide in a recession proof industry.