Electric Repair Training




Electric Handpiece Repair Training Package


We train you how to repair electric dental handpieces in a 3 day private training course.  We have selected specific makes and models of handpieces to be used during training that will represent the common makes and models of electric handpieces used worldwide. During training, we cover Kavo, NSK, Star, W&H and Sirona electric handpieces which are representative of brands and models used worldwide.


  • Electric Handpiece Repair Training
    • 3 Days of Training
    • Manuals, Videos & Diagrams Included
    • Private Training – One On One With An Instructor
    • Electric Handpiece Repair Tooling Set ($5000 value)
    • Electric Handpiece Repair Parts Inventory ($3000 value)
    • Certification Upon Completion
    • Cost –$19,500 


The electric repair training is more expensive than our pneumatic training due to the electric parts used during training are a much higher value than the pneumatic parts.  On the electric repair training, you would need to purchase the electric repair tooling set with the training.  The repair tooling set is specific to the repair training and it is not possible to acquire separately.  


We have been offering this training for nearly twenty years, in addition to our normal sales & repair business.  We have trained over 400 people from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guyana, Trinidad, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Lebanon, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea including individuals with many different backgrounds.  We offer an independent option rather than a franchise at a much  better value to open a dental handpiece sales & repair center.  And, in addition to having the recognized best trainer in the industry, we are the largest supplier of dental handpiece repair training in the world.   



Deposit for Electric Training is 50% of total training costs along with the payment for the included parts and tools inventories.  And, to reserve training we will need 60 days lead time in order to prepare for this training course.  If you need a quicker date, please email with your timeline needs.  Please, email, orionrepair@gmail.com, to pay your deposit to schedule training.






During training, we will go over all materials, parts and tools several times.  Also, a couple of large items will be direct shipped to you from the manufacturer after the deposit is paid.  And, we will ship all remaining items after the completion of training via FedEx Ground.  We do not pay any custom or VAT taxes related to International Shipping.  And, International Shipping will be an extra charge.





We generally do not have any scheduling conflicts, but the earlier notice on preferred dates is best. We would suggest paying the deposit, and requesting your training dates, before arranging your travel. We are flexible on the start day for training such as starting on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, if needed. We always recommend paying the deposit as early as possible for your scheduling needs, and for us, it is to reserve the time so that we don't have any scheduling conflicts with a desired week.




Their are many hotel choices in Kissimmee, Florida.  We will include three suggested hotels with the training confirmation email.  The training location is in Kissimmee, south of Orlando, near John Young Parkway and North Poiciana Boulevard.  



International Orders Gladly Accepted.



The deposit can be paid by credit card, debit card, wire transfer, or by check.  There is a 4% Convenience Fee for Credit Card Payments.  For the Guarantee Program the deposit is refundable with 90 days notice of change or cancellation prior to training dates.  For all other packages the deposit is refundable with 60 days notice of change or cancellation prior to training dates.  After the deposit is paid, we will e-mail a receipt showing the deposit received and the training dates reserved along with some related travel information





The airport is Orlando International Airport, MCO.  The training facility is located about 35 minutes from the airport.  We would suggest a rental car for the training time.  There is public transportation available.  You can rent a car at the airport, off site at the airport, or if needed in the local area.  We can also suggest the Tampa International Airport and Sanford International Airport as alternative airports.





If any of your questions are not answered here, please E-mail or telephone, Toll Free 1-888-674-6657, and we will be happy to answer your questions or discuss anything further.



If our packages do not suit your specific needs, please,  Email admin@orionrepair.com for a custom quote.






Positives of a Dental Handpiece Sales and Repair Center

  • Low Start-up Costs
  • Immediate Cash Flow
  • Not Labor Intensive
  • Home based Business
  • Full or Part Time
  • No Employees Needed
  • Low Overhead
  • Every Dentist Uses This Service


  • Recession Proof
  • Easy to Operate
  • Only requires a small room
  • Enjoyable Business to Own
  • Flexible Hours
  • Easy to Open
  • High Profit Margin
  • Local, Regional, National & International Demand