Guaranteed Program


This is a different package from our other training programs.  We offer this package for those who would like to purchase a complete turnkey training package with more ongoing support included along with a 100% money back guarantee.  If you would like to join a program that guarantees you will earn your full 100% money back, Return on Investment(ROI), within 5 years of starting then we have built this program for you.  This program allows you to hire us as your ongoing partners for success.


This is an exclusive program that uses the best tried and true techniques developed over two decades in this business along with modern technology to grow your new business with the strongest possible foundation.




Teamwork Included with the Guaranteed Program

...let our over 20 years of experience join with you to build the most successful team and plan possible to guarantee the success of your new business.  This Guaranteed Program includes ongoing support, two trips for training and a guarantee for your success.




Follow Our Recommendations, Put Yourself in Our Hands

We guarantee if you follow our program you will have tremendous success with your new business.  You will have to work hard and follow our plan but we will be in this together. 


We Support You

These are some of the extra on going support items included exclusively in the Guarantee Program:

      • 2 All Expense Paid Training Trips to Orlando or Seattle
      • Free Website Built
      • Free Logo Design
      • Assistance Setting Up Your Communications
      • New Start Up Walk Through On Going Support 
      • Quarterly Power Up Meetings


Join Us in Building Your Success Team...We are ready to join you today!


We want to be excited and on board for your success.  We know what to do and how to do it.  If you want to work hard to grow a business you will enjoy, then call Paul Laird at (888) 674-6657 or email, to register now or to learn more information.  Please, mention to the receptionist you are calling about the Guarantee Program.



Let Us Help You Build the Success You Dream About

This is our most complete training package to open a dental sales and repair center including everything in our Platinum Package along with additional bonus items not included in either our Platinum or Gold Packages.  We will train you how to open and operate your dental sales and repair center with ongoing support and additional training included with your purchase.  


The Guarantee Program includes:

      • 11 Day Trip for Private Training
      • 2 All Expense Paid Training Trips to Orlando or Seattle 
      • All Items Included in the Platinum and Gold Training Packages
      • $5000 Bonus Tools & Parts Inventory Package
      • Ongoing Support & Additional Items Not Included with our Other Packages
      • 3 Years of Free Re-Training Support
      • 3 Years of Free Telephone Support
      • 10 Years of Free Email Support




Guaranteed Program Price:  $89,500 Total Cost with a deposit of $44,000 to reserve training dates.  


      • 2 All Expense Paid Trips for Training
      • 11 Day Trip for Private Training
      • Highspeed Sales & Repair Training Course
      • Lowspeed Sales & Repair Training Course
      • Electric Sales & Repair Training Course
      • Handpiece Shop Repair Tooling Set for Highspeeds and Lowspeeds ($4,000 value)
      • Handpiece Shop Parts Inventory for Highspeeds and Lowspeeds ($3,000 value)
      • Electric Repair Tool Set ($5,000 value)
      •        Electric Repair Parts Inventory ($3,000 value)
      •        Bonus Tools & Parts Inventory ($5,000 value)
      • How to Market your Business
      • Checksheet of Things to Do Before Opening
      • 5 Training Manuals
      • 8 GB Flashdrive of Marketing Templates, Digital Graphics and Related Handpiece Information
      • 10 years of Free E-mail support
      • 3 years of Free Telephone support
      • 3 years of Free Re-training support
      • 10 Practice Turbines
      •        2 All Expense Paid Training Trips to Orlando or Seattle
      •        Free Website Built
      •        Free Logo Design
      •        Assistance Setting Up Your Communications
      •        New Start Up Walk Through On Going Support 
      •        Quarterly Power Up Meetings
      • Certification in Dental Handpiece Sales, Service & Repair


Compare Us to Our Competition

We have been the largest handpiece repair trainer in the world for the last 10 years.  If you would like a list of our direct competitors please ask and please compare this program to what they offer. 

Here are the benefits of our training versus theirs:

      • One Time Fee
      • No Royalties
      • No Franchise Fee
      • No Restricted Territory
      • You Can Move If You Want to Move
      • We Train You on All Types of Handpieces, High, Low, Pneumatic & Electric(Ask Them If They Do)
      • We Do Not Set You Up to be Our Revenue Stream
      • Buy Parts & Supplies from the Same Companies We Do



Teamwork Together Makes You the Premier Company in Your Market

We are ready to join your winning team today.  Call Paul Laird at (888) 674-6657 or email, to register now or to learn more information.  Please, mention to the receptionist you are calling about the Guarantee Program.



 *We guarantee you will have at least $84,000 in sales over 5 years or we will give you your money back in a payment for any amount up to $84,000 for the difference.



We currently are training in our Orlando or our Seattle location.  Please, email, your preferred dates and your preferred location so that we can confirm our availability or we will make alternate suggestions.




During training, we will go over all materials, parts and tools several times.  Also, a couple of large items will be direct shipped to you from the manufacturer after the deposit is paid.  And, we will ship all remaining items after the completion of training via FedEx Ground.  We do not pay any custom or VAT taxes related to International Shipping.  And, International Shipping will be an extra charge.





We generally do not have any scheduling conflicts, but the earlier notice on preferred dates is best. We would suggest paying the deposit, and requesting your training dates, before arranging your travel. We are flexible on the start day for training such as starting on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, if needed. We always recommend paying the deposit as early as possible for your scheduling needs, and for us, it is to reserve the time so that we don't have any scheduling conflicts with a desired week.




We will provide various suggested hotels for either training location in Orlando or Seattle.  



International Orders Gladly Accepted.



The deposit can be paid by credit card, debit card, wire transfer, Zelle payment or by check.  The deposit is refundable with 60 days notice of change or cancellation.  After the deposit is paid, we will e-mail a receipt showing the deposit received and the training dates reserved along with some related travel information.





The airport is Orlando International Airport, MCO airport code, or Seattle International Airport, SEA airport code.  The training facility is located about 45 minutes from both airports.  We would suggest a rental car for the training time.  There is public transportation available.  You can rent a car at the airport, off site from the airport, or if needed in the local area.  





If any of your questions are not answered here, please E-mail or telephone, Toll Free 1-888-674-6657, and we will be happy to answer your questions or discuss anything further.



If our packages do not suit your specific needs, please,  E-mail for a custom quote.