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Call Orion Repair toll free 888-674-6657.   We are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  We are, however, on call 24hrs a day.  If you reach our voicemail,  please leave a message, and a representative will be paged and return your call immediately.  You can also e-mail your questions or comments to




Technical Tip- Excessive Speed

Highspeed handpieces turn at speeds of up to 400,000 rpm.  They can run faster without load ( a bur installed in the chuck).  Excessive speed will dramatically shorten the life of your handpieces.  NEVER operate your handpiece without a bur installed in the chuck.  If the bearings fail due to excessive speed they can cause irreparable damage to the head of your handpiece.


Technical Tip- Air Leaks

Air leaks can occur around the joints of your handpieces.  These spots are particularly vulnerable to downward pressure.  REMEMBER: Let the bur do the cutting for you.  Doctors should maintain clean water and air lines.  Make sure all necessary filters are changed as required.  Make sure your autoclaves and Chemclaves are operating correctly.  Call Orion Repair for your autoclave and Chemclaves overhaul needs.  We offer a full overhaul for all makes and models.








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