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Orion Dental Sales, Training, & Repair versus Manufacturer



Are you currently sending your handpieces back to the manufacturer for repair?  



     Orion Dental Sales, Training, & Repair will save you TIME and MONEY!  Our repairs are done in days--not weeks.  The less time your handpieces spend in for repair, the more patients you can see. Increased productivity means more money in your pocket. We have a much quicker repair time than any manufacturer.  We also offer better customer service.  And, most importantly, we cost a loss less per repair.  Compare us to the Manufacturer, we are quicker, lower priced, and offer much better service.           


     Studies have shown that repairs done by Orion Repair can save you an average of 50% !  Orion can save you $200.00 or more per repair.  Just 10 repairs a year could save you  $2,000.00


A more common example:

When your new car is no longer under warranty, who you would rather bring it to?  Your favorite mechanic who offers impeccable service, faster and at a much lower price?  Or the dealership who takes weeks and charges youan arm and a leg?


*Our Repair's Customer Service and Shipping departments' are designed to give you the best possible personal service.  Handpiece Manufacturers are not in the business to give you the highest level of repair service, their concern is with getting you to buy a new handpiece. 






Orion Dental Sales, Training, & Repair vs. Catalog Companies



Are you currently sending your handpieces back to the catalog companies for repair?


Mail order catalogs focus on providing you the supply aspects of the dental industry.  They can sell you light bulbs, prophypowder, x-ray tape, pharmaceuticals, and infection control apparel.




Handpieces are our ONLY Focus!


We provide you, the dentist, the most efficient handpiece sales & repair service available today.  We offer a  quicker repair time and we offer a much higher level of customer service than the catalog companies.  We specialize in taking care of our customers' needs.  We are quicker, offer better service, and better prices than the catalog companies.



Orion Repair offers you the best in Dental Handpiece Sales, Service & Repairs.






Orion Dental Sales, Training, & Repair versus Parts Supplier



Are you currently purchasing chairside turbines or dental handpiece parts?



Are you a do it yourselfer?  Good for you!  We have the largest selection of after market parts.  From o-rings to bearings, from burs to gaskets,  we have everything you need.  Did we mention we also have them at the lowest prices guaranteed!  Let us help you lower your overhead and increase productivity!




Free Estimates on all makes and models or small equipment!


We also offer the following services:


        • Small Equipment Sales & Repairs
        • Sterilizer Repairs for Autoclaves and Chemclaves
        • Intraoral Camera Repair and Sales
        • Laboratory Handpiece Repairs
        • Cavitron Repairs
        • Surgical Handpiece Repairs
        • Fiber Optic Repairs
        • All Makes and Models of Handpieces



Free Pick up and Delivery on most items!



We repair all

makes & models.





Free Estimates.


High Speeds



Low Speeds



Adec FG, Jacobs

All Japanese Types

Alpha-Air Push Buttons

Alpha-Light, Push Buttons

Banner, Bowen Standards

Bien Air Models

Borden Airotor, Silencer

Champion (Champ-Air)

Healthco Push and Swivel

Impact-Air Surgical Models

KaVo Contact-Air, Jacobs Models

KaVo Bella-Torque, Push Buttons

KaVo Series

KaVo Super-Torque, Push Buttons

Kinetic, Push Buttons

Lares Standard, Push Buttons

Lynx 333 Std, Grip-Lock

Micro Motors - LHS Series      

Midwest Airdrive 400, Compact

Midwest 8000, 8000i

Midwest (PEDO) Miniature    

Midwest Quiet-Air Std, Lever

Midwest In-Sight Std, Lever

Midwest Tradition Std, Lever

Mytee and Mini Micron

NSK Mach-Lite, Push Buttons

Pana-Air, New Sigma Models

Phatelus I and II, Push Buttons

Ritter Accutorq

Sabra Surgical

Safco Models, Safco Surgical

Schein Master, Classic Models

Schein Precision Torque

Siemens ML/SL, Push Buttons

Star 430K/430SWL, Push Buttons

Star Futura I and II, Concentrix

Star Ultra, Vista Models

Ultra Push, Ultra Lock

W&H Models



All Belt Driven Models

All Japanese Types

American Eagle

Aristocrat (Healthco)

Bien Air

Champion (Little Guy)

Coastal Little Guy

Densco A.F.B.

Dentaire Lowspeed

Hygeia Prophy Motors

Kent Lowspeed

KaVo 181 Series, 182 Model

KaVo 2300 INTRAflex Lux Series

KaVo: all other models

Lynx Model



Micro Mega

Micro Motors - All LHS / SLS Models


Midwest Rhino

Midwest Shorty

Midwest Tru-Torc I and II

NSK TN-10, NSK TN-20

NSK TN-103/203 Motors

NSK EX-103/203 Motors

Patterson Motors

Ritter Torqmaster

Sabra Lowspeed

Safco TN-102 / TN-10

Schein Master Torque

Star Titan 5K, 20K


W&H Motors






We welcome business from all countries of the world.