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Frequently Asked Questions



"Increasing use of heat sterilization of dental instruments, which tends to break down the components, has resulted in a greater need for handpiece repair globally."

— Donna Demerling, president, Timken Aerospace and Super Precision
















































Why should you choose to open your own dental handpiece sales and repair business?

  • Low Start-up Costs
  • Immediate Cash Flow
  • Not Labor Intensive
  • Home based Business
  • Full or Part Time
  • No Employees Needed
  • Low Overhead
  • Every Dentist Uses This Service


  • Recession Proof
  • Easy to Operate
  • Only requires a small room
  • Enjoyable Business to Own
  • Flexible Hours
  • Easy to Open
  • High Profit Margin
  • Local, Regional, National & International Demand



Why should you choose Orion Dental Handpiece Sales, Training, & Repair to train you to open your own dental handpiece sales and repair center?

  • We are the premier source for dental handpiece sales and repair training.
  • We have trained over 350 people in North America, South America, Australia and Asia.
  • Factory trained instructor with over 20 years of training experience.
  • The most comprehensive package and support offered today.
  • One on one training.
  • Three years of Free telephone and Free retraining support.
  • Ten years of Free E-mail support.
  • Why go to our students, when you can come to the Professor.  Orion Repair is the original source for independent dental handpiece sales and repair certification.  Some of the companies now offering training were trained by us a few years ago.  We are the best choice to learn dental handpiece sales and repair.  Our instructor is factory trained with over 20 years of training experience, not just a few years in the business. 


What is the price of your training?

  • We have several training course options with our most commonly chosen training package being the Gold Training Course which includes highspeed training, lowspeed training along with a suggested repair tools inventory and a suggested repair parts inventory for $19,500.  This course also includes 3 years of free telephone support, 3 years of free retraining support and 10 years of free email support.  We also provide 10 practice turbines to use after training and certification upon completion. 
  • You can also purchase the courses separately--$7,500 for the Highspeed course and $7,500 for the Lowspeed course. 
  • We also offer a suggested opening tools($4000 value) and a suggested opening parts inventory($3000 value). 
  • We will provide a list of the suggested opening parts and tooling inventory if you would like to purchase the items after training.
  • Most people come for both courses together, and purchase the parts and tooling packages from us.
  • You can also purchase a premium course, the Platinum package which includes an additional electric training course along with related tools and parts inventories.
  • In addition, we also have a Guaranteed program where you will hire our us to be your business partners to help grow your business.  And, we guarantee you will earn your money back in 5 years or less, or we will pay you your money back.



Training Course Tuition


Highspeed Training Course                               $7,500              

Lowspeed Training Course                                $7,500               

Total Price for Training Courses                       $15,000


Optional Parts Inventory         Optional Tooling Inventory


Highspeed Parts         $2,000               Highspeed Tools   $3,000

Lowspeed Parts          $1,000               Lowspeed Tools    $1,000

Total Parts Cost          $3,000              Total Tools Cost    $4,000






Are you available to answer questions about your training courses?

Yes, we will be happy to answer your questions by telephone at 888.674.6657, by e-mail at, or through chat on our website.  If you leave a question by chat, and I am not able to answer it, please leave your name and email address so that I can answer it quickly by email. We will be happy to offer a brief description of the business opportunity over the telephone that will last about 3 minutes, and afterwards I can answer any questions or discuss anything further.





Can I come for a meeting to learn about the training, see the office, sit in the repair shop, and talk about the business?


      • We are happy to have you come for a discovery meeting to learn more in person.
      • During this meeting, we can show you around the office, shop, and discuss the business or training. 
      • We would be happy to answer questions.
      • In the past, these introductory meetings have lasted 1-3 hours.
      • Please, e-mail, or telephone, 888.674.6657, to schedule your discovery 

tour today.





What kind of support do you offer after private training?

      • We include 3 years of Free telephone support with our private training courses.
      • We include 3 years of Free retraining support with our private training courses.
      • We include 10 years of Free email support with our private training courses.




What is included with the private training courses?

      • Hands on intensive training course in dental handpiece sales and repair.
      • All the nuts and bolts to run your business as a dental handpiece sales and repair center.
      • Training manuals and videos.
      • Marketing Materials with Computer flashdrive of advertising templates.
      • Training in solicitation of Federal business including military bases, VA hospitals, and prisons.
      • Parts companies reviews, contacts, and preferences.
      • Instruction in how to set up your credit card merchant processing account.
      • A check list of things to do before opening.
      • 3 years of telephone support.
      • 3 years of retraining support.
      • 10 years of email support.
      • Certification upon completion.





Are there any royalties or franchise fees?

      • No.





Are there any ongoing fees?

      • No.
      • Our only fee is the one time fee for our training courses.





Do I have to buy a territory?

      • No, you are free to operate the business wherever you choose now and in the future.
      • You can market the business locally, regionally, nationally, internationally, and on the Internet.





Can I move to a new area with my business in the future?

      • Yes, we do not restrict you in any way.




Can you train government personnel, hospitals, universities and non-profits?

  • Yes, we can customize our courses to fit your needs.  We have trained dentists, hygienists, sales reps., hospital biomedical technicians and university clinical technicians.





Do you offer training to people from outside of the United States?

      • Yes, we offer our training to interested parties from anywhere in the world.
      • We have trained people internationally from Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Lebanon, South Korea, India, Guyana, Trinidad, Australia and Thailand.




What is the average repair time for the handpieces?

      • The highspeed handpieces will take about 20 minutes with a profit of at least $200 per unit on average.  
      • The lowspeed handpieces will take about 45 minutes to repair with a profit of at least $200 per unit on average.




How much space is needed for this business?

      • You can easily run this business in a small bedroom size space using only half the room.





Where is the training location and the closest airport?

      • We have offices in Seattle, Washington and Orlando, Florida.  We currently conduct training in our Florida locaton in Kissimmee, Florida.
      • The closest airport is Orlando International(MCO) or Sea-Tac(SEA) Seattle-Tacoma International.





Where do you suggest we stay during training?

  • There are a lot of hotel choices in Kissimmee, Florida as we are near Disneyworld.
  • Here are 3 hotel suggestions:
      • Comfort Inn, 5196 W Irlo Bronson Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746, 407-507-3811 Rates Starting at $52.
      • Hampton Inn, 4971 Calypso Cay Way, Kissimmee, FL 34746, 407-396-8700 Rates Starting at $89.
      • Embassy Suites Hotel, 4955 Kyngs Heath Road, Kissimmee, FL 34746. 407-597-4000 Rates Starting at $139.





Can you start the training course on a Friday?

      • Yes, we are flexible to your needs for starting training.
      • We can start the training courses on any day of the week.




Are your training courses regularly scheduled over the year?

      • Yes, we schedule our courses on a as needed basis.   
      • We generally need at least 3 weeks of advanced notice to prepare for our courses, but we can schedule training with shorter notice if needed.





Are your courses taught individually or in a group?

      • All of our private training is done one on one, with one student to one instructor.
      • Our instructor is factory trained with over 20 years of training experience.
      • Be aware that some offering training on the Internet, we trained only a few years ago.




Can my wife or business partner attend training with me?

      • Yes, we are happy to train couples or business partners together as long as they are operating the same business from one location.
      • Most partners will choose to have one person focus on the office side of the business and the other person will focus on the repair side of the business.




How do I schedule training?

      • We require a deposit to reserve training.
      • The deposit is $6,000 for the Gold Training Course.
      • After the deposit is paid, we will e-mail a receipt showing the deposit received and the training dates reserved.
      • We will also mail some travel information with suggested hotels and airport information.  
      • The deposit is refundable with 60 days notice of change or cancellation 





After training is completed, how long will it take to open the business?

We provide a check sheet of things to do before business open which is a list of common items needed to open the business.  This list will take about 3 weeks to complete, if you are working the business full time.  During that time, we suggest assembling and disassembling a couple of practice turbines, we provide, per week for practice.





What is the normal progression of the business in the first few years?


Stage 1:  Growing your account base to a comfortable level


In the beginning, it is all about having a strong first year, growing your business through a combination of mailings and visits back to back to increase your number of accounts and getting to know your accounts("schmoozing the gate keepers").  The initial marketing will grow your account base to a comfortable level.  The first year is always the hardest.  I always say if you just keep your head above water the first year, marketing consistently in the beginning, the second year gets a lot easier, and in the third year you will feel like you are coasting.


Each and every dental office uses someone to repair their handpieces with most using national companies that they mail them to for repair.  What we do is offer a local alternative to these national companies.  Through a combination of speed, price, and service we are able to provide a better handpiece sales & repair service than a national competitor.  


Stage 2:  Add on sales and offering other services


As you reach a comfortable level of accounts, most of us will back off of the mass marketing some, and will focus instead on taking good care of our individual accounts.  At this point you will begin to sell other items to your dental accounts such as disposable prophys, disposable gloves, lubricants/cleaners, dental stations, small equipment, and other products.  At the same time, your accounts will begin to offer you other items for repair that break down in their dental office such as sterilizers, cameras, and ultra-sonic cleaners since they see you as a their repair company.  You can outsource these repairs to other companies for a wholesale repair that you mark up to retail and do some of these yourself over time.    


Stage 3:  Maturity and efficiency


At this point, as you will decide do you want to hire employees or do you want to look at how you can do the business more efficiently perhaps outsourcing some things that you may have done yourself such as bookkeeping/accounting.


In conclusion, the business is all marketing in the beginning to grow your accounts to a comfortable level, and then over time, you may not do the mass marketing as much as in the early years, but will instead focus on increasing your sales, service, and product mix to your existing accounts who at the same time will offer you other business in their office.


This business is very profitable, and simple to operate after you have grown your account base.  Once you have a mature product mix, the parts costs are about 20-25 percent of gross sales, after that you would pay your office/marketing expenses, and your salary and household overhead.  A mature product mix would include sales and repair of a broad range of makes and models of handpieces, selling some disposable items such as disposable prophys, sales and repair of various small equipment such as sterilizers, cameras, and ultra-sonic cleaners, and sales of dental air stations, purge units, and other equipment.  As your business matures, you will do more than just handpiece sales and repair.  Once, you have operated the business for a while, it is not very labor intensive, and can provide a good quality of life.  It is not a get rich quick business, but can provide a good income with hard work while providing a needed service to customers in your local area.







Would you  suggest doing dental handpiece repair in a mobile vehicle?


     We would never suggest doing repairs in a mobile vehicle, nor have we ever done repairs in a mobile vehicle. Occasionally, people will ask me what we think about trying to do this in a mobile vehicle.

Here are the reasons we advise against mobile;
  • Common mobile repair example leads to customer dissatisfaction-4 highspeeds with a bill around 0 and about 45-60 minutes of labor time with you either sitting in his parking lot or with you coming back in 45-90 minutes as you want to stay in the area to reduce gas and time.  Dentists are normal people, they will look at you, and make statements to the effect that, hey you never left my parking lot, 45 minutes, $1070?  It will create negative energy, not the positive response you expect.  Most national companies, who do the majority of the business, take 1-3 weeks for repairs, and we suggest a standard of next day service on high speeds and 2-3 day service on low speeds.  Dentists have plenty of drills relative to the business and are very happy to change to someone who is days for repairs rather than weeks, but they do not need same day service nor do they expect it.  And, I think it causes the opposite as described above.  And, for yourself, it turns you into a mouse on a wheel completely unnecessarily.
  • Comfort-You would need to have everything secured, good lighting, air compressor, generator, computer, printer, all of your tools/parts secured, etc. I think it would be extremely difficult to make your work space in a vehicle comfortable, not to mention the unnecessary costs of this vehicle and its preparation.   These are small parts and small orings.  I am 43, at age 40 my eyes have weakened, and I use reading glasses for repairs while I bathe myself in light on the repair desk.  In a mobile location, your level of comfort and your ability to provide good working light that is not hot is difficult and expensive.  Good light from multiple angles and sources will decrease shadows on the work desk.  Those shadows will make repairs difficult.  I would not want to work from a mobile van for light reasons alone, my eyes would struggle and good repairs would be much more difficult in weak light.  And, do you have a generator in the vehicle to run a computer, a printer for invoices and and an air compressor.  Also, I would want very good air conditioning in a vehicle as I worked on small parts and tools.  And, then you will need to secure all of the tools and parts for travel motion.
  • All of the added costs of the van to repair mobile is all initial cash flow that can better be spent growing your business through marketing mailings and visits like all other companies market their business.  A good marketing plan and budget is a critical component for any business ongoing, but most importantly in the first 12 months of a new business.  Having my wife and myself coming from families with small businesses, her father owns 3 Ace Hardware's in the Fort Walton Beach area and my brother owns AJ’s Restaurant/Club Bimini along with other businesses in Destin, Florida, we would suggest that one of the most important factors in the success of a new business is cash flow management.   Cash flow management simply means speed up the inflow and slow down the outflow of cash.  And for a new business during opening stage, we suggest each time you reach for your wallet, ask yourself, does this produce income or make me feel good.  During the opening stage there are a lot of things you may want that do not produce income directly.  Over time, as your business creates free cash flow and you are putting money into savings again, then go back and buy the fancier desks, lights, computers, etc. that you may have wanted during opening but resisted.  In the beginning, every dollar that does not need to be spent during opening is better spent on marketing the business to grow your account base.  Each dollar spent purchasing and outfitting the mobile vehicle would be better spent growing your business account base through the purchase of ink, stamps, paper, etc. for marketing materials for your potential customers.  I always say fancy chairs, desks, lights, a new vehicle, deep parts inventories, etc.,  do not create income or grow your account base and cash flow.  After all that is purchased there will be much less available to spend growing your business and at that critical point in the growth of your business those deep parts inventories, new furniture, vehicle, etc., will not buy a round of marketing stamps, paper or ink.
  • You will not be able to do volume business mobile.  At some point, you will be sick of driving around town, and you will be maxed out with your time in that if you were back home doing the business you could do 5-10 times the business volumeas you could driving around stuck in traffic.  In the beginning of the business, we suggest 100% personal pick up and drop offs, but over time as your account base has grown, you will be too busy.  As time goes on, to us, the goal is to have 100% of the business handled through the mail except perhaps the accounts that are very close to your home location.  You will be able to do a lot more business staying at your home location than if you were driving around town in traffic every day.  We use FedEx for our pickups and mail back USPS priority mail.  We provide our customers with preprinted Air shipping forms from FedEx, which are free, that will have the From space blank, and be preprinted with our company address as the To delivery location with us paying the shipping.  As your existing customers call you for a pickup, we will let them know we are on the other side of town today, and we will not be able to make the pickup today in person, and we will call in a FedEx pickup for them.  And, we will mail the handpieces back US Postal Priority mail, $4.55, and most times USPS Priority mail will arrive the next day in the same market.  By not doing personal pick ups and drop offs over time you will be able to handle a lot more business while with mobile you will max out much sooner than just trying to do personal pickups and drop offs or pickups/deliveries via the mail. 
  • Double shop tooling-Low speeds are more complicated with some requiring a 24 hour glue set time.  Do you set up a second shop with better lighting and a shop work desk in your home for the more complicated low speeds in order to get good lighting for very the small springs and clutch pins on some low speeds.  Or, do you carry things back and forth.
  • Increased Parts Inventory Costs needed to repair mobile-We keep a tight inventory of parts, and do not keep a deep inventory, but rather practice a just in time inventory control system.  We keep about $3,500 in parts up to about $5,000 in parts inventory.  However, to go mobile, and truly repair mobile, you would need a $10,000-$20,000 parts inventory, at least, to be able to repair 4-6 units per office of models along a broad spectrum of brands, makes and models each day that could be found in your market.  We suggest buying bearings, orings and gaskets in 100 lot buys to get the best quantity breaks, however, you would need to keep a much deeper parts inventory for spindles, chucks and other parts to satisfy mobile repairs.  In the first year, a deep parts inventory does not produce income, and it takes away much needed cash flow for marketing.  We suggest, over time, as you learn the common brands, makes and models in your market to increase your parts inventory around those models.  All of the parts we use are extremely light and small, and the parts companies offer overnight, next afternoon and second day shipping for $5-$30. 
  • If mobile was a good option, many companies would do it.  However, if you name the large companies from Midwest to Athena Champion(where I was trained) to Sullivan Schein, they all do their handpiece repairs at a central repair location to insure quality work and procedures.
     For the reasons above, the reality of mobile repair would lead to you parking your repair van and working from a central location which would suggest all of the effort, time and expense of the mobile van could be better spent growing your business. 
     In addition, we recently met someone who went with a mobile franchise and he told me he wished he had gone with us as he now sees how the van was a gimmick that hooked him in.  And, the his dentists are repeatedly telling him they do not need the handpieces back the same day, he could just bring them back in a few days.  Now, that he is doing the business, as soon as he finishes the payment obligations on the van, he is going to park it and set up his location at home as it made better sense to him to have a repair desk there rather than mobile.    
     We offer next day service on highspeed drills and 2-3 day service on lowspeeds, and if we need extra time for some reason on a particular handpiece, the dentist offices are not concerned. In most markets, traditionally over many years the only source for handpiece repair has been the manufacturers and catalog companies, who have gotten better with increased competition, however, they have usually taken 2-6 weeks for a repair.  We offer an independent sales and repair center to the dentist as a local alternative which through a combination of speed, price, and service would be a better option than the manufacturers and catalog companies who now do the majority of the business. Most dentists who are currently using a national competitor would be trading someone who takes weeks to someone who takes days.


     Also, dentists are not stopping their work due to a single handpiece going down. Each chair or station could have up to 15 different handpieces including highspeeds, lowspeed motors, nosecones, prophys, and contra angles. The sterilization cycle in the Autoclaves and Chemclaves will take about 40 minutes to cycle fully. It is extremely rare that we pick up a handpiece and a dentist says he is hurting for that single handpiece.


       In conclusion, I bet you would find that anyone who starts doing this business mobile does not continue to do it mobile for the reasons I listed above.  Plus, one of the issues I did not stress enough about trying this mobile was lighting. We do not deal with micro size parts, but we are dealing with very small parts, such as putting o-rings inside the handpiece turbine chamber, sometimes beneath ledges. Bringing good strong light from multiple directions is important to making handpiece repair comfortable for your eyes, particularly as we age. I am in my second decade of doing handpiece repairs and from my experience I would truly dread trying to do this in a van.


     For these reasons, we would never suggest doing handpiece repairs in a mobile unit. This business can easily be run as a home based business, which will reduce your overhead costs initially and over time. The business can be run from a small bedroom or other space. We have trained people from all over the world including the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, India, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, and other locations. None of our trainees do this business in a mobile vehicle, and we would not recommend it.





Who is my competition in this business?

  • Manufacturers of the handpieces including Midwest, Star, Kavo, NSK, etc.  Their average repair time is 2-6 weeks, and they charge 100% or more than we charge.
  • Catalog or Mail order companies such as Sullivan-Schein, Patterson, Darby, etc.  Their average repair time is 1-2 weeks with shipping, and we under price them on repairs and equipment. 
  • Local independent companies and franchisees


     Wherever you go in the world, the competition is generally the same. The different sources of competition are; the handpiece manufacturers, the dental catalog companies, and local competitors including franchisees and independents.  Most dentists will mail their handpieces to a national company usually in California or New York, and what we do is offer a better local alternative whereby we can outperform national competitors through a combination of speed, price, & service.  With the local competition, most of us will grow our business to a certain number of accounts, and will tend to take care of the accounts after that by increasing sales and service to those accounts.  We suggest focusing on providing a good product, a good service, at a fair price to the dentists in your local area, and we like to "schmooze the gate keepers."





What type of handpieces and models will I learn to repair?


      • Highspeed Dental Handpiece Drills
      • Lowspeed Dental Handpieces including motors and hygenist drills
      • Ultra-Sonic Scalers
      • Nosecones, contra angles, and other attachments

 We have chosen various makes and models for our intensive hands on training courses that are representative of all makes and models in the handpiece repair business.   The handpieces you will repair during training will include a broad range of makes and models from American, European, and Asian brands including Midwest, Star, Kavo, and NSK-the major worldwide manufacturers.





Can you describe the products and services offered to dentists?

We offer dental handpiece sales and repair to dentists in our local area.  Each and every single dentist office uses someone to repair their handpieces, and usually it is a national manufacturer or a national catalog company.  We offer the service locally while competing with the national competitors, but by being in the local market we can offer;

    • A much quicker repair service
    • A higher level of customer service with a local company including quick and easy pick-ups and drop offs.
    • A lower price or similar price depending on which of the national competitors the dentist is using.


You are also, free to market the business statewide, nationally, internationally, or through the Internet.  We do not restrict you in any way as to how you grow your business. 

We also can sell and repair various other items to dentists including small and large equipment such as sterilizers, cameras, ultra-sonic cleaners, dental air stations, flush/purge units, Cavitrons, lights, dental chairs, etc.  We also sell various supplies such as handpiece lubricants, handpiece cleaners, disposable items such as prophys, and other supplies.





Can you describe what Orion Repair is offering to open this business?

We are offering an independent option to open this business rather than a franchise for a one time fee.  We encourage everyone to compare us to the rest of the companies offering this training including the franchises such as Hayes Handpiece and The Dentists Choice.  We are offering a similar package to the franchisers, but at a much better value initially and over the long term.  We are turning over all of the nuts and bolts of our business including;

  • Suggested parts suppliers, how to set up your wholesale accounts, our preferences for parts and supplies
  • Our marketing flyers, brochures, postcards, catalogs and other marketing related items.  We provide those to you on computer flashdrive and train you how to use the small business publishing program we use in order for you to remove our information and replace it with your company information, as well as, how to create your own marketing material.
  • A hands on intensive training course that is taught one on one with a factory trained instructor
  • Accounting and marketing training and set-up
  • 3 years of Free telephone/retraining support
  • 10 years of Free e-mail support
  • Instruction in shop and office set up
  • Instruction in how to solicit Federal business including military bases, VA hospitals, and prisons
  • Practice motors for use at home
  • 3 Training Manuals
  • Computer flashdrive with digital graphics
  • Diagrams
  • Shop tooling and parts inventory can be purchased with training courses or we provide a list of the suggested items
  • Certification upon completion





Can you describe a typical transaction for this business?

A typical transaction for our business would be an office manager or hygienist would call us, and leave us a voice message that they have a handpiece or several handpieces to be picked up at their office.  It depends on the office some offices will call you as soon as one handpiece breaks down, and some offices will wait until they have 3-8 handpieces to be repaired.  Also, very rarely do we deal with the dentist directly.  Most dentists, unless it is a very, very small office have delegated the handpiece responsibility to an office manager of hygienist.  Then, the office manager or hygienist will leave them at the front desk for us to pick-up.  


To repair the handpieces;

    • We take the handpieces completely apart, to clean, flush, and polish the handpiece both internally and externally.
    • We repair and replace the dental turbine including various parts including bearings, orings, gaskets, washers, chucks, spindles, etc.,
    • We run various tests after completion to ensure the handpiece is running like new again.


The next morning, we would make an invoice and call the dentist office with the total.  The dental office would pay by a check or credit card.  If it was a credit card, we would take the credit card information over the phone and print the credit card receipt out first, then staple it to the invoice. 


Then, along with the handpiece and invoice, we would take a few additional items out to the dental office including;

  •  A Service Requested Form which is the form next time they have handpieces to be repaired they can put the make, model, serial number, problem encountered, and the doctor's information.
  • A Maintenance Form which gives the office some tips on lubrication and handling in the office.
  • Various goodies or freebies including logo pens, logo note pads for their desks, logo rolodex cards, candies, and various other promotional items.





What if I get something odd to repair, like an ancient belt driven handpiece, or if I only came to you for highspeed handpiece training, how would I repair lowspeed or odd models?

You would always offer Free estimates on all makes and models.  You would be able to repair any handpiece either in house or by mailing them off to various companies we recommend depending on the handpiece or equipment.  If you came to us for only the highspeed training course, you would still be able to accept and repair all makes and models for your customers. You would not reject any handpiece from your customer, but instead offer Free estimates on all makes and models. You would repair the highspeeds in house, and you would send the lowspeeds off for repair. Lowspeeds generally take longer than highspeeds to repair, and your customers would not need to know that you send out some models, while doing some models in house.


We still mail off some handpieces for repair, for various reasons from discontinued lines, to some surgical models, and some other specific need handpieces.


Any handpiece or equipment you mail off would receive a wholesale repair price, that you would then mark up to a retail price.




Will I be able to repair or sell small equipment or dental chairs?

  • Yes, you can become an authorized distributor for many vendors including dental chair and equipment manufacturers. 
  • We provide a source to repair every handpiece made.  If you can't do it in house, we have a source that can repair any odd model. 
  • We give you everything we use to run our business, and show you how to set up your relationship with many companies in this industry from original manufacturers, parts companies, repair companies, and other related companies that you may use occasionally over time.





Can you come to my location to offer training?

Yes, we can travel to your location to offer training. For an additional $5,000 fee along with travel costs for the trainer and an assistant, we will travel to a mutually convenient location in your local area worldwide to conduct your training courses.  Cost will be higher for international locations.  Also, for an additional $1,000 we can provide design and set up assistance for your shop and office.





How long is the training day?

  • Paul will meet you in the lobby of your hotel the first morning of training at 8:30am to give you an orientation on the town, and some lunch/dinner suggestions. 
  • We will begin training each day, after the first day, at 9:00am.  Training will generally go to 4:30pm-5:30pm each day.
  • If your arrival is delayed or late the day before training, we can begin a little later the first morning of training to accommodate for jetlag and/or international travel.
  • If you need to leave on the 6th day of training a flight can be scheduled for the mid to late afternoon.  The last day is a review day, and can be cut short if needed for travel arrangements.
  • We provide refreshments including bottled water during training.  There are bathrooms available.  An outdoor walking and break area is also available during training time.





What countries have people come to Orion Dental Sales, Training & Repair from for training?

          • USA                         
          • Canada
          • Mexico
          • England
          • Ireland
          • Scotland
          • France
          • Germany
          • Italy
          • Belgium
          • Australia
          • India
          • Thailand
          • South Korea
          • Guyana
          • Trinidad
          • Lebanon
          • Hong Kong
          • The Phillipines





Do you provide any turbine motors for practice at home after training?

Yes, we provide 10 highspeed turbine motors to be used for practice after the completion of training.  We provide a checksheet of things to do before opening which is a list of common items needed to open the business.  This list will take about 3 weeks to complete, if you are working the business full time.  During that time, we suggest assembling and disassembling a couple of turbines per week for practice.







Orion Dental Sales, Training & Repair...a real home based business that can provide a good income while working from home.  We offer a new business start up package that can help you be a successful business owner.


          • Compare us to the rest.  Then, come to the best.
          • We are the recognized worldwide premier source for handpiece repair training.
          • We are the world's largest supplier of dental handpiece repair training.
          • Some of those offering training now on the Internet, we trained only a few years ago.
          • Beware of imitators! 
          • Read an e-mail from someone who came to us for help after choosing another company.





Here are a few of our past students...


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dsc01122a.jpg dsc01123a.jpg dsc07400a.jpg
dsc00093a.jpg dsc00094a.jpg 7-19-07-023.jpg
dsc07385a.jpg dsc07384a.jpg img00044-20100206-0000a.jpg


img00699-20110701-1548a.jpg img00043-20100205-2252.jpg









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