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Get Started Today: Fill Out The Questionnaire Below to Explore Financing Options!

We understand that starting a new business can require a significant investment, and securing financing can be a crucial part of that process. That's why we are excited to recommend the financing company below.  They have been very helpful to many of our customers over the last ten years. 


Tenet Financial specializes in helping people to open new businesses or expand existing businesses.  They have several financing options.  And, they have been quick and easy for our past clients. 


To get started, please fill out the questionnaire below, which will provide the financing company with the necessary information to begin providing your financing options. This is not a credit pull, so there is no risk of impacting your credit score. The financing company will work with you to find the best possible financing solutions that fit your specific needs and budget. Don't let financing be a barrier to achieving your dream of owning your own dental handpiece sales and repair center. Fill out the questionnaire below to start the process today.


Funding Calculator by Tenet Financial Group.







In addition, below is an SBA representative who can help you with an SBA sponsored loan.  We do not recommend SBA loans due to the time required and various restrictions.


SBA Loans Through Local Banks

            • Contact:  Sandra Ransome, U.S. Small Business Administration
            • Email:  sandra.ransome@sba.gov
            • Telephone:  (405) 609-8019
            • Fax:  (202) 481-5462



Partial Financing

You can also use PayPal Credit to receive financing for our training courses.  Just select PayPal Credit at checkout.  PayPal will finance some of the costs, but may not finance all of the costs.  




Credit Card Financing

We can also accept credit cards and credit card balance transfer checks for our training courses.