Easy Financing




Full Financing Available for All Start Up Needs

  • We have several options to provide financing for both the training costs and for other related opening/operating expenses.  In addition, we can also provide an SBA Loan source, however, loans through the SBA can be slower and more tedious than other lending sources.


If you would like our Financing company to begin a preliminary review of the various credit options available to you, please follow the link below and fill in the information and Diane will contact you with your options.  This is not a credit pull and it will not effect your credit scores.


Funding Calculator by Tenet Financial Group: 401k Financing





In addition, below is an SBA representative who can help you with an SBA sponsored loan.  We do not recommend SBA loans due to the time required and various restrictions.


SBA Loans Through Local Banks

            • Contact:  Sandra Ransome, U.S. Small Business Administration
            • Email:  sandra.ransome@sba.gov
            • Telephone:  (405) 609-8019
            • Fax:  (202) 481-5462



Partial Financing

You can also use PayPal Credit to receive financing for our training courses.  Just select PayPal Credit at checkout.  PayPal will finance some of the costs, but may not finance all of the costs.  




Credit Card Financing

We can also accept credit cards and credit card balance transfer checks for our training courses.  




Email:  Paul Laird at orionrepair@gmail.com  -- We will be happy to help you with your financing needs for our training courses to open a dental sales and repair center that specializes in dental handpiece repair.  If you would like more information about financing for our training courses, please, email orionrepair@gmail.com with the subject line Financing, and we will be happy to provide you with sources and options for financing for our training courses.  A good first step is to complete the information above.