Available Training Dates

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Limited Time Available, Reserve Your Time Now with a Refundable Deposit


*Both Zoom virtual training and in person training available.  In person training offered in Orlando and Seattle.




June Available Weeks 


    1. No Available Dates




July Available Weeks 


    1. 1-6
    2. 14-19
    3. 23-28
    4. 29-August 3



August Available Weeks 


    1. 5-10
    2. 12-17
    3. 18-23



September Available Weeks


    1. 9-14
    2. 16-21
    3. 23-28
    4. 30-October 5



*If you would like to reserve one of the weeks above, we would require a deposit to reserve that time in order to prevent any scheduling conflicts.  Please, email Paul at orionrepair@gmail.com with your desired week.
You can pay the deposit by credit card, debit card, Zelle bank to bank pay, or by wire transfer.  The deposit is refundable with 60 days notice of change or cancellation prior to training.  If you would like to pay the deposit by credit or debit card, there is a 4% convenience fee for card payments.  I can have my assistant call you to collect the card information or you can email the information to orionrepair@gmail.com.  You can make payment by Zelle bank to bank pay to orionrepair@gmail.com.  And, wire transfer information is available upon request.
Once the deposit is received, we will email you a receipt showing the deposit received and the training dates reserved along with some suggested hotels in the area and related airport information. Then, when you have your hotel in the area booked, please email which hotel you will be staying at in the area. I will meet you in your hotel lobby the first morning of training at 8:30 am to give you an orientation on the town along with some lunch and dinner suggestions. 
Please, email orionrepair@gmail.com or call 800.737.0795 if I can answer any questions or discuss anything further. You can also leave your name, email address and a question via chat on our website.
Thank you for your interest in our training courses to open a dental sales and repair center that specializes in handpiece repair.  I look forward to confirming your training dates and helping you open your new business or to add handpiece repair to your existing services.  






Don't Miss Your Chance to Open Your Own Business!


We have trained about 20% of all Dental Handpiece Repair Centers in the USA


Over 400 training customers worldwide on five continents with twenty years of training experience without any unhappy customers, zero.


We have trained more people to open this business than any other company offering this training, and some of those offering training were trained by us a few years ago.


You can earn a very good income in a home office, starting 1-3 weeks after training from local dentists, providing a high demand repair service, the largest repair need in the dental office, which is used by every dentist worldwide in a recession proof industry.