Oral Surgical Repair Services

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Oral Surgical Repair Services


We offer the following Oral Surgical Repair Services:


Flexible Endoscopes


Our endoscope repair technicians are capable of performing the most difficult repairs including the replacement of insertion tubes, and CCD chips. We specialize in the repair of small diameter flexible endoscopes including the replacement of the image guide fiber bundle. Each scope receives a 32 point inspection.  Orion Repair offers a comprehensive inspection document that gives a point-by-point assessment of the endoscope.



  • Image Bundle Replacement in Small Diameter and Large Diameter Endoscopes
  • Image Stain Removal
  • CCD Video Chip Repair
  • Insertion Tube Replacement


Rigid Endoscopes


Under the supervision of it’s lead technician, with over twenty years of rigid repair experience, Orion Repair's Rigid Repair Department is recognized as one of the most qualified authorities in the rigid endoscopy repair market today.  Our rigid endoscope repair capabilities include the repair of all makes and models, to industry standards using the finest German optics.


We repair all makes and models including;

  • Cystoscopes
  • Arthroscopes
  • Laparoscopes
  • Operating Laparoscopes
  • Sinus Scopes
  • Ureteroscopes
  • Small Diameter Scopes
  • Replacement of Inner and Outer Stainless Steel Shaft Tubing
  • Replacement of Light Fibers
  • Replacement of Image Guide Fiber Bundles


Laser Welder---With our laser welder we are able to ensure the autoclavability of the scope after shaft and fiber replacement.






Power Equipment


Orion Repair's orthopedic handpiece lab has the capability to repair a wide range of pneumatic, electric, and battery powered orthopedic power equipment. All power equipment is restored to the original specifications with standard turnaround time being 24 to 48 hours.


 We repair all makes and models including;

  •      Zimmer / Hall
  •      Stryker
  •      Midas Rex
  •      3M
  •      Synthes
  •      Anspach
  •      Howmedica


Our in-house machine shop and reverse engineering capabilities allow us to repair most power equipment deemed beyond repair or obsolete by other ISO’s and OEM’s.




Handheld Instruments



  •      Repair and Reconditioning of All Surgical Instruments 
  •     Preventive Maintenance and Refurbishing of Trays 
  •     Laparoscopic Instruments 
  •     Mirco Instruments 
  •     Re-insulation of Laparoscopic Instruments 
  •     Diamond Dusting of Delicate Needle Holders 
  •     Color Coding 
  •     Soldering and Welding Capabilities 
  •     Custom Modifications 
  •     Needle Holder T.C. Insert Replacement 
  •     Repair Hot Biopsy Forceps 
  •     Instrument Modifications 
  •     Container and Container Lid Repair 
  •     Custom Parts Manufactured