Suggested Dental Handpiece Repair Tool Set

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100.00 LBS
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Suggested Opening Tool Repair Set



$4,000.--This tool repair set includes a suggested tool inventory that would be used in an average dental handpiece sales and repair shop for high & low speed repairs.


     This Shop Tool set includes the common hand and table tools that would be used in a typical handpiece repair center for high and lowspeed dental handpiece repairs.  It does not include an air compressor or a auto/chemclave.   You can purchase these items with your training courses, seminars or we will provide a list with training.   Please, telephone or call and I would be happy to answer your questions or discuss this further.


A handpiece repair and tooling package including the common items;

  • Dental Operatory Unit
  • Test Equipment
  • Arbor Press and Specialty Attachments
  • Dental Wrenches
  • Lubricant
  • Explorer Kit
  • Various Hand Tools and wrenches
  • Cleaner Kit
  • Commercial grade Ultra-Sonic Cleaner
  • Dental Handpiece Repair Tools
  • Specialty Tools
  • Service Tools
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