Suggested High and Lowspeed Parts Inventory Package

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Suggested Opening Parts Inventory Package



$3,000.--This parts inventory package is a suggested parts inventory for the common repairs of a typical handpiece sales and repair center for high and lowspeed dental drills.  It can be adusted in size, smaller or larger.


     This is a suggested opening parts inventory package that includes bearings, spindles, gaskets, and other highspeed, lowspeed, and ultra-sonic scaler handpiece parts that would be used in a typical handpiece repair center.  It is a suggested opening inventory that covers a variety of makes and models.  However, the parts inventory is very flexible in that you could open with a smaller inventory of parts than we suggest.  You can purchase the suggested parts inventory with your training courses and seminars.  If you are trying to save some opening expenses we can show you how to cut this order done to a bare minimum that you could build up over time.  Please, telephone or call and I would be happy to answer your questions or discuss this further.  We will have the parts inventory package here when you come for training and then we will ship it back to you via FedEx after training.