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We will provide a suggested opening parts & tooling inventory list with each seminar.  And, we will have offer show specials at the seminars which will provide savings on parts & tools purchases.  We will also make suggestions on how to open on a limited budget by selecting the most common items & waiting on others.


The repair shop will need some repair tools used for repairing and testing of handpieces.  In addition, it can help to have a small parts inventory as you begin, however, you can start with very minimum parts and tools in order to reserve the balance for stamps, ink, paper, etc., to grow your account base.


Select the amount of credit you would like for repair tools to purchase during the seminar.  And, this credit will be available for use during the show.  You can also wait & use the credit with Orion to purchase repair tools after the seminar.  Either, select the items you would like to purchase in Las Vegas or choose the items after the seminar, within 180 days, using the suggested tools inventory list provided at the seminar.


Select Bill Me Later during checkout to receive financing for any repair tools purchases.  We will email a statement of your credit available.


A good budget or credit for tools would be between $500 to $5,000.


This credit is a great opportunity to help you open your business for less initial costs.


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